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As part of our continuing efforts to make our campuses safer for all students – Barstow Unified School District utilizes a Visitor Management system, known as Raptor, at all sites. A valid Government-issued ID card (i.e.: Driver’s License, State issued Identification Card) is required to sign in. A personalized visitor Badge will be printed and is required to be worn at all times while on campus.

  • All visitors to our school are required to sign in at the Raptor.  Office personnel will assist you as you scan your valid identification and print a visitor badge.

  • Visitors are limited to one-hour observations (at a time) for the purpose of observing a classroom or visiting a program on campus.  

  • Volunteers for the classroom need to first make arrangements with the teacher to ensure that they are expected and to determine the best time for volunteering.  

  • District Policy requires that anyone who volunteers on a regular basis must have a TB clearance on file. Volunteers for field trips and school volunteers in excess of 40 hours per year must also have fingerprint clearance.  Please check with the office for procedures on obtaining fingerprinting and TB clearance.

  • School volunteers must be under the direct supervision of certificated staff.  Therefore, volunteers are not to be in unsupervised areas such as the cafeteria, lunch tables, or playground unless assisting with class activity under the supervision of a teacher.

  • In order to maintain confidentiality, volunteers should not be in the staff lounge without the expressed permission of site administration or for brief moments to place/retrieve items from the school’s refrigerator/freezer.


***Due to Covid-19, this policy above is subject to change***